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"There's been much more consistency. We've been able to depend on a steady flow of leads and a lot of the work has been done for us. We know Engage has our back."

-Tom - Ohana Dental Implant Centers

"Justin and his staff are responsible for a lot of new patients walking into my office. He is always available for questions and a great guy to deal with. I highly recommend them!"

-Dr. Shaikh

"We've gotten more leads in one year then since the practice opened up 4 years ago."

Dr. Yelisetty

“I've been burned a few times in the past working with marketing companies... I was skeptical… I put my faith in you guys, and it worked out really well... Trust Justin and his team. They will not steer you astray."

-Dr. LaMura

"The results are there, so I would absolutely recommend!"

-Byrd Dental Group

“We're up to $50k already?! WOW! Thank you guys!"

-Dr. Vega

"Just wanted to say thank you because we saw 2 high quality new patients from you guys today!"

Dr. Butler

Unlock Your Dental Practice's Potential And 🚀 Skyrocket Your Revenue With Our Proven Patient Engage System!

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Meet Our Founder & CEO


I’m Justin Grier, CEO of Engage Marketing, a dynamic and innovative marketing and consulting agency with over a decade in business focused on helping dental practices succeed in the digital age.

I am deeply committed to supporting as many practice owners and staff as possible and helping change patient lives.

My journey in digital marketing began in 2005 when I recognized the challenges that small businesses faced in the rapidly evolving online landscape. Driven by a desire to create lasting, positive change, I founded Engage Marketing in 2011 to provide the expertise and resources needed for these businesses to thrive.

With a mother in the dental industry for 20+ years, focusing on dental quickly became a no brainer.

I am the driving force behind the Engage Marketing team and an advocate for local businesses and success. My vision is to help create thriving, interconnected, and prosperous communities for many years to come, one practice at a time.

By offering a comprehensive suite of services for dental practices, Engage Marketing has cemented its reputation as a trusted partner for dentists seeking to dominate their respective markets and has since helped dozens of dental practices across the US and Canada generate millions of dollars in new patient revenue.

If you’re a dentist or practice owner seeking a dedicated partner to help you navigate the digital landscape and unlock your practice's full potential, look no further than Engage Marketing – your one-stop-shop for online marketing solutions and expert guidance.

Let me know how we can help you grow and succeed!


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